The processing of corn to the MOLINO BRESCIANO di COFFINARDI GIUSEPPE
is an activity that has more than a century of tradition.

For nearly three generations, the family is present in the milling sector and is distinguished by
high quality of their products, thanks to seriousness and the rigor in its job.

Who chooses "LA BRESCIANA" turns out to a product from selected maize, worked
following criteria that respect the tradition while following the latest technology,
thus ensuring optimal conditions for freshness.

Always alert to new and more varied needs of consumers, the range of existing
flour is spreading even to those particular categories who suffer for food intolerance to
gluten (celiac disease) with suitable and certified product for use in traditional
and for the preparation of desserts.

The reliability, professionalism and passion in the activity are confirmed in an
increasingly extensive and careful clientele.

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